I'm Thinking of Movie Things was created as a way to blend the worlds of movie watchers. My name is Jeremy Elmkies and you may know me as the guy whom casual movie fans ask for suggestions, but has also just scratched the surface of the world of cinema. Think of me - and this website - as a sort of "in-between" for average watchers who are looking for somewhere to start in discovering great films, and the experts that have a deep understanding of film history. 

Down the Rabbit Hole of Film 

My appreciation for movies started with my parents showing me the ones that they deemed "classic" as they aired on cable. Most of the films were mainstream - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Good Will Hunting - and I knew, even from a young age, that movies were something important and noteworthy, whether or not I could pinpoint exactly why

There was then the inevitable period of Marvel fanboy-ism and Pixar obsessiveness, where part of me equated box office gross to quality. It was at this point in my discovery of cinema that I primarily focused on actors whose charisma I admired, and still had yet a clue on how the moviemaking process worked. 

Still, my focus on what was happening on the front of the screen was what furthered my education of the medium. Like, seeing Captain America in an art-house train thriller, or Black Widow performing as a seductive alien in Scotland. I will forever appreciate my roots of movie watching because it was the mainstream and the blockbusters that directly led me to the lesser-known, under the surface gems. 

What You Can Expect 

I'm Thinking of Movie Things primarily focuses on short and informational movie lists that all fans of the film can enjoy, but tailored to a general audience and those average watchers looking to further explore cinema. 

Reviews and analyses will occasionally be featured, as well. Reviews will mainly look at newly released films seen for the first time, and analyses will focus on dissecting a film in detail and the process that went into its creation.

Lists will be comprised both by myself and guest writers. Anybody can be a guest writer. If you have work which you wish to publish, contact me! 



Some lists which you can soon expect on the website are the "Great Movies You Can Find On..." series, which will provide readers with a number of films to check out on various streaming platforms, such as Netflix and Hulu, and "The Best Working Filmmakers Today," which will look at individual voices in the medium and what it means to be an auteur.